The Mom Inventors Handbook

bookcoverThe Second Edition is Launching this Spring 2014. Stay Tuned!

The Mom Inventors Handbook gives practical step-by- step advice for putting inspiration into action. The book takes inventors from idea development to market research, prototype development, manufacturing, funding, sales and distribution, and licensing. It simplifies the invention process; even providing stories from real inventors sharing their ‘aha' moments and lessons learned.

If you think the world is ready for your great idea, then the Mom Inventors Handbook will explain, in simple steps, how you can:

  • Create prototypes and watch your vision come to life
  • Safeguard your products, including patent information
  • Identify funding for your business
  • Locate reliable distributors and manufacturing sources
  • Market and publicize your product for free
  • Learn from the success stories of other entrepreneurs
  • Find a company to buy your idea or invention

Chances are you've already had the brainstorm or come up with the gizmo that everyone could use. Make it the next big thing with The Mom Inventors Handbook.

Reader reviews about the first edition of the Mom Inventors Handbook

About a year and a half ago, I left my job and decided to try out one of the many ideas that had been in my head for a long time. I went to my local book store and found a book that seemed to me to best address what I had been contemplating — The Mom Inventor’s Handbook.

There wasn’t a question in my mind for which I didn’t find an answer in your book. Stage after stage, from creating a prototype to securing a trademark to creating packaging and generating sales, you guided me with clear explanations, helpful examples and important suggestions.

Your experience motivated me to strive for my dream – my own company manufacturing a product that I invented and believe in with all my heart. Today, my LulyBoo is selling in several baby boutiques and on numerous websites.

Several magazine articles have been written about me and the LulyBoo, and in each one, I recalled how instrumental your wonderful book was to my success. I have strongly recommended your book to other moms who have asked me how I did what I did.
— Pazit Ben Ezri

The Mom Inventor's Handbook is a very detailed, hands on guide for taking an invention from idea to reality. There are several things I believe make it so useful: it's relevant and recent (no outdated advice here), it's based on real-world experience from an inventor and the others she has mentored, and it offers myriad resources to implement her advice. The examples of moms who have had success also make it inspirational. 
— Gerri Detweiler

If you are an inventor or have thoughts about inventing a new product, do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BOOK. I created a product and recently launched my Web site to sell my invention, OnTray, on. This book was my road map throughout the whole process.
— Laura Hamrick from