"Self-Publishing Success Secrets" Mini-Course!

Here's what you are going to get:

I'm going to give you the Step-by-Step process on how to self-publish your book!                        

              "Self-Publishing Success Secrets"

  • Four different options for publishing your book (Traditional, Indie, Self-Publishing, Independent Printing Press).
  • Show exactly how-to upload your printed book to CreateSpace/Amazon. How to set pricing, distribution...on Amazon.
  • How to upload your Kindle book to Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • How to select the best categories for both your Print and Kindle books (Hint: they are NOT the same).
  • How to set up a book give-away or promotion for your Kindle book.
  • How to order copies of your of your printed book for back-of-the-room sales.
  • BONUS #1 - Pre-formatted book template for Printed books.
  • BONUS #2 - I'm going to send you my Author-to-Income Checklist too!

The next step is to take my Author-to-Income Self-Paced Training.
You can gain access today if you're ready! 
“I have been blown away by Tamara’s Author-to-Income Program. I am not a technical whiz but the power and simplicity of the program has made me feel liberated and victorious. I have never felt so excited about the potential for my book and business.”  -Bridget Engel