“Self-Publishing Success Secrets Course”

Welcome to the course. I'm so happy you are here. Below are seven videos developed to share my "Self-Publishing Success Secrets" and how you can master self-publishing of your book. I can't wait to hear what you think. Simply hit play to get started! 

Video #1

Different Publishing Options Available

Video #2

How to Upload Your Printed Book to CreateSpace

Video #3

How to Finalize to Approval Process on Amazon for your Printed Book

Video #4

How to Upload your Kindle Book to Kindle Direct Publishing

Video #5

How to Select the Best Categories for Both your Print and Kindle Books (Hint: they are not the same)

Video #6

How to Set Up a Book Give-Away or Promotion for your Kindle book.

Video #7

How to Order Copies of Your Printed Book for Back-of-the-Room Sales.