The Ultimate Product Launch System

When we are graced by that incredible moment of divine inspiration, when a product idea enters our minds, we often feel both exhilaration and fear simultaneously. Our mind races wondering if our brilliant idea could be the next big thing and at the same time question what on earth to do next!

You need immediate answers to questions like:

• How do I protect my idea? Do I need a patent? What kind?
• How do I fund my business?
• How do I find a manufacturer?
• How do I sell my product?
• How do I get publicity?

Or…You may have been on this journey for a number of years already and are having trouble achieving your goals. You know you have a great idea; you’ve done tons of hard work, but have hit one road block after the next. You now realize that if you had some focused guidance you could get to market much faster than going in alone.

Here’s How The Ultimate Product Launch System Will Help:

The fastest way to get your idea to market is by following this crystal clear roadmap. And, if you dream of pitching your great idea to the television show Shark Tank, or seeing your product prominently displayed on shelves like Walmart, or selling on-air via Home Shopping networks, then you’ve come to the right place! My books and proven system have been used by entrepreneurs like Tiffany Krumins, inventor of Ava the Elephant, who was the first woman to receive funding on Shark Tank; Ann Hurley, inventor of Luv-Chicken Booster Seats, landed her product on the shelves of Babies-R-Us across America; Valarie Moody, founder of Fodeez, is successfully selling her product line to her local Walmart and Walgreens nationwide; and Kim Nimsgern, Founder of Click-n-Curl, is a regular guest on home shopping networks like ShopHQ and The Shopping Channel.

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This is the ONLY roadmap of its kind! You will have access to the same tools, resources and information that my mentoring students have used to land six figure purchase orders again and again.

Here’s What to Expect

When you sign up for this program, you will receive immediate access to the following VIDEO Modules and downloadable tools.


MODULE 1:  Getting Started with Market Research (It’s not hard once you know what to do!)

MODULE 2:  The Inside Scoop on Prototyping and Manufacturing (Part 1)

MODULE 3:  The 411 on Safety (Part 2)

MODULE 4:  New Creative Ways to FUND Your Business (Crowdfunding, Micro-loans, Grants, Vendor Financing, Angel investors and more)

MODULE 5:  What’s Your Brand Story? (Part 1)

MODULE 6:  Blowing Your Horn: PR and Marketing to Get the Word Out (Part 2)

MODULE 7:  Creative Sales and Distribution of Your Product (Part 1)

MODULE 8:  New Opportunities to Sell (Part 2) (How to sell on daily deal websites, catalogs, home shopping networks, online & more)

MODULE 9:  Finding a Licensing Partner

7 Bonus Videos

  •  Setting up Shop 101
  • What you need to know about the new “First to File” Patent Law
  • Provisional Patent Applications are Power Tools for Inventors.
  • What is a Patent and When Do I Need One?
  • What is a Trademark and How can an Inventor Use it to Her Advantage?
  • What is the Difference between a Utility Patent and Design Patent?
  • Lendio Connects Entrepreneurs with Business Loans. Expert Ty Kiisel Explains What Lenders Look For

Book, Workbook & Tools Included in the Program:

*Books will be shipped free of charge in the Continental U.S. within 5-7 business days

– The Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing (2nd Edition)

– The Ultimate Product Launch Workbook for Entrepreneurs (Companion to the Power Mentoring II program AND The Mom Inventors Handbook 2nd Edition). — This helpful workbook is not for sale outside of this program.

– Your Million Dollar Dream: Become Your Own Boss (*while supplies last)

– Margin Calculator (will help you come up with the best price-point for your product) and 12 minute Video Tutorial to show you how to use the calculator.







What Others Are Saying!

“I did not expect Tamara to be so committed to helping me succeed. Her classes have a very personal touch that is hard to find in the online market today. Before taking her classes, I had pretty much given up on trying to bring a product to market. Over the last 13 years we’d spent about $15,000 on this dream with nothing to really show for it. As a result of taking these classes, I am FIRED UP! I feel smarter and empowered and now have the tools to be a success!“ –Cheryll Paleja

“Product Sales Boot Camp was extremely upbeat, informative and inspiring! Tamarashared practical, applicable, cutting-edge tools, tips and resources to transform my vague notion of what I thought I needed to do to achieve success into a hard and fast actual PLAN of how to really do it! It was worth every penny and then some.” — Michele Smith

“I had dropped my project for three years prior to starting the classes with Tamara. I’d hit a roadblock, and didn’t know how to proceed. I now see that this process is just a series of “steps” that we need to take to bring our product to market, and I now feel that I have the tools to continue the journey.” Elizabeth Burach

“As a business owner of 2 years, I was feeling stuck and needed some ideas and a little support to push things to the next level. Tamara is amazing! She gave me fresh marketing ideas when I thought I had already tried everything. Her classes were packed with tons of resources that would have taken hours to find on my own. She shared her knowledge of these resources (marketing, manufacturing, etc.) to the point I knew exactly which ones would be a great fit for my company. Her classes were so informative and positive, I couldn’t wait to get back to working on my business with the new tools she had given me. She even helped me land a meeting with a senior buyer from a Big Box Retail Store! My product is now going to be nationally distributed before the end of the year! I strongly recommend this class not only to entrepreneurs just starting up, but entrepreneurs who have been working on their business for awhile and need a little nudge or fresh inspiration. Thank you Tamara for your insight and generosity. I can’t wait to see how applying everything I learned in your class will change my business!” — Ann Hurley, President Luv-Chicken

This course is a gold mine of information that I could have never found on my own in a short amount of time. It has saved me from making costly mistakes – emotionally, and financially. It has put me in a place of discipline and focus which has given me the clarity that was lacking in my preparation for success. Because of Tamara’s generosity of spirit…I know that she genuinely cares about my success. I’m so glad I signed up for this course!” — Debra Vardon