What People Are Saying…

What People Are Saying...

“I am speechless - a bit in shock. You really made this happen. I am forever grateful for your care and persistence.” — Lissa Wheeler, author of Engaging Resilience. Lissa signed up for the Book Launch Done-for-You Program (Tier 3). Her message is in response to her printed book becoming a #1 Amazon bestseller (and #1 New Release) on the date of her launch.
Lissa Wheeler
"I LOVED LOVED LOVED Author-to-Income. You are one of the best trainers I've seen. You really pack in the information, but you do it in an way that is fun and accessible. Your energy is so joyful and contagious. And it is obvious that you really care about people listening. I am truly BLOWN AWAY by this training.”
Sherry Richert Belul
"Tamara will forever be my model for how to authentically promote. The woman simply oozes excitement. She makes every message relevant. As a partner on her recent launch, I knew exactly what she needed and when. Plus, she made it super easy to participate by providing sample emails and social media posts that could simply be swiped or tweaked. However, I think the thing that I love most about Tamara is that it is so clear that the relationship is never about the million dollar launch or only engaging with people who have huge lists. She truly wants to be of service to her audience... whether that's 3 people, 300 people or 3,000 people. I'll always be a Tamara fan, but I'll also be a Tamara promoter anytime, without hesitation.”
Joy DulingMember Magnetism
After having taken Tamara's Author-to-Income class, I felt confident I was ready to publish with success. What I wasn't prepared for was that my author would be hospitalized with possibly a week to live. After an anxiety attack, I thought "Done-for-You" packages. I'll go online and click quick tor Tamara. No one can possibly imagine what a professional, productive, caring team swung into action. They took the project and deadline to task (working weekends) to have the Kindle book Delta Ridge ready to upload for my precious friend to see and touch on screen. The team worked tirelessly to make changes to a rushed manuscript with patience and encouragement. I cannot praise Tamara and her Done-for-You Tier 1 highly enough. My printed version arrived today: beautifully done in record time. A huge thank-you!
Rose Phillips
“Tamara, I am following your step-by-step methods and I just realized that every good thing that is happening with my book is linked to you! I hit #1 on Amazon with my launch, last night NBC/Bay Area had me on their show and I just found out that I will be featured in Oprah Magazine in August! Your Author-to-Income program has made all the difference in how my new book, 'Finding the Wow' is taking off! Words can’t even describe how grateful I am. Your program is worth every penny! Thank you!”
MJ MargraffAuthor of Finding the Wow
"Tamara Monosoff is a one woman enterprise generator who supports authors to achieve new economic and personal success with valued, excellent, guided, step-by-step information. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her skills impressive, and her program is well-tested. Tamara is truly inspiring, really patient, and always very considerate of the needs of other writers. She has tapped into the needs of often isolated, locked-up authors, and very effectively provides each participant the key to their individual pathway for unlimited success."
Stevanne AuerbachAuthor of Dr. Toy's Smart Play / Smart Toys -- StevanneAuerbach.com
"Tamara Monosoff, I want to thank you for your tip for authors to put a link to their website in the front of their book has been a huge boom to my email list! And even though my book was traditionally published and I wasn't able to put the link as early in the book as I wanted, my list has grown by more than 10% in the past 30 days! My book had a companion downloadable PDF worksheet and that is what readers are opting in to get. Awesome!"
Vicki Tidwell PalmerAuthor of Moving Beyond Betrayal: The 5-Step Boundary Solution for Partners of Sex Addicts
“This was the Best. Training. Ever! We all want the same thing: A best-selling book. We also want to build our platform. But, we often succumb to the tyranny of the urgent and get overwhelmed with all we need to do to promote our book. Tamara not only provides proven methods to sell, sell, sell books, but she also generously offers out of the box ideas. The biggest bonus is Tamara provides the entire blueprint to get it done! Tamara is transparent, helpful and organized. She really wants you to succeed. Plus, she’s so much fun! Tamara's mentoring is instrumental to my success as an author."
Annette Giacomazzi
"If you’ve written a book, or you’re writing a book, or you’re thinking of writing a book, you MUST take Tamara's program to see how to monetize that book forever!"
David PerdewPresident of NAMS
“QR … singularly this is the big take-away for me! I knew about linking every possible way…. but this takes things to a whole new level! thanks Tamara Monosoff"
Lexis Johnson
"Before we get too far down the road, I wanted to thank you for what I have learned so far. Using QR codes in a book and linking to videos weren't something that I would have thought about doing."
Ronald NutterAuthor of Protecting Your Online Presence
“Buy this course! You need all of these tactics to get the best results. I'll be sad when the course is done!”
Mark MoranoAuthor
"I never expected to Hit #1 on Amazon so early in the day. Your system works!” Dr. Stephanie O’Leary, author of Parenting in the Real World.
Dr. Stephanie O'Leary
"I wanted to make sure I wrote to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated and learned from you in your Author to Income Course. I have taken dozens of courses in the last several years, and your course has been one of the the most comprehensive, detailed and fun learning experiences I've had. There was so much value and so many ideas that I am going to review the course again and make the time to implement as many of your wonderful suggestions as I can. You are an exceptional teacher, and your knowledge, wisdom, heart and humor create a container for personal and professional growth and camaraderie. I'm so grateful I found you, and I look forward to following you and learning from you for a long time to come."
Linda Kroll
"Tamara is the most generous, accessible person, so eager to share her massive knowledge base regarding the world of self-publishing and self promotion. Her infectious enthusiasm and high energy will inspire even the most reluctant authors to get their books and products out there! Author to Income Formula is not just a seminar but a transformational experience that will forever change your perception of marketing. It is one of the best investments you can make for getting your message out there!"
Linda Schwartz
“I have been blown away by Tamara’s Author-to-Income Program. I am not a technical whiz but the power and simplicity of the program has made me feel liberated and victorious. I have never felt so excited about the potential for my book and business.”
Bridget EngelAuthor of Guidance to Go
“Your content is so profound; it really inspires me to believe that my future books will really make an impact and benefit large numbers of people. Thanks for everything.”
John DonaldsonAuthor of The Business of Coaching - a Practical Manual for Coaches, Therapists and Trainers
"Over the years, I've heard a lot of presenters, but Tamara takes the Author-to-Income content to a new level; her Income Boosters for Authors are phenomenal. I was writing notes as fast I as I could and my audience loved it. She delivered one of the hottest webinars to date and I'm already introducing her to my JV Partners."
Cathy DemersBusinessSuccessCafe.com
"I am a believer! After months of my books collecting digital dust on Amazon there was movement. Watching two of my books go from the 9584 and 9130 in death and grief category to number one [in 24 hours] was the God shot I needed. Thank you, Tamara Monosoff"
Katye Anna ClarkAuthor of Birthing into Spirit.​
“Wow! I was blown away by the incredible amount of valuable content Tamara provided. The simplicity and effectiveness of her strategies along with the resources and implementation support make her special offer an easy YES! I was ready to release my a new version of my book. Now I am glad I waited.”
Mark Porteousco-founder of The Inspired Messenger’s Network