WATCH VIDEO: Ged and Claire Rocked Their Book Launch!

 The Formula works! Ged used my self-paced Author-to-Income Formula Training to make his book interactive with video and hit #1 in all 10 categories on Amazon!  He also learned how to Self-Publish on CreateSpace and Kindle with my “Self-Publishing Success Secrets” Video Course. Be Unstoppable in Pursuit of Your […]

Every Kindle Author MUST-HAVE This Book Marketing Tool!

KINDLE AUTHORS! Stop what you’re doing and WATCH VIDEO (below). I demonstrate how to use KDP Rocket! A simple tool that shows you the exact book ideas that will make you money on Amazon. Imagine finding the best keywords and categories for your Kindle book in one click! And, the best part? […]

Crush Your Book Launch with these Tips!

Tips for a Successful Book Launch: As Authors, we tend to focus our attention on writing and publishing our books but when it’s time to launch, we often scramble, making random posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, or sending uncoordinated emails to our relatives. In other words, we spend a year […]

Authors… Here’s how to create a good first impression!

One of the best ways to enhance your visibility and credibility as an Author is by creating an engaging profile on Amazon. You can do this for free with an Author Central Account. Don’t put this off! Authors often underestimate the importance of their profile page. However, I can’t emphasize […]

Non-techies can create awesome marketing graphics for free right now

Practically every day I celebrate advances in technology. I am convinced that due to this new technology, it is the BEST time EVER to be an author, expert, coach, entrepreneur or small business owner. We have tools that help us create our own websites, logos, marketing materials and Ads, without […]

Watch Video: Best video tool for introverts!

WATCH VIDEO: [4 mins] I show you exactly how to use LiveReach. Imagine Live Streaming to Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE without even being there. What?! Yep! It’s true. You’ve likely heard that Facebook LIVE rewards you for live streaming. Live streaming videos are picked up in Facebook algorithms and pushed […]

Damn…I can’t give you great stuff if you don’t open your email!

Are you struggling to get people to open your emails? Below are three helpful tools (how-to video tutorials) to increase email open rates! Whew! It’s noisy out there. You’ve likely noticed that it’s becoming harder and harder to get people to open your email. And the most frustrating aspect of […]

3 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book

3 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book I know it sounds glamorous to have your book published by a traditional publisher. And, yes, there are benefits. However, having lived with my feet in both worlds since 2005, I can honestly say that the benefits of self-publishing outweigh traditional publishing. Here’s why… […]