Kay Hirai – Sheer Determination

Tamara: What inspired you to write the book? Kay Hirai: The desire to write this book has been on my mind for many years. I wanted to document my experiences because I knew doing so would help me to feel more secure and complete as a person. I just didn’t want to […]

Lissa Wheeler

T- EngagingResilience_3DCover

Lissa Wheeler’s book, Engaging Resilience: Heal the Physical Impact of Emotional Trauma: A Guide for Bodywork Practitioners. Tamara: What inspired you to write Engaging Resilience? Lissa: I’ve had a desire to write about emotional healing and bodywork for the past 20 years. I made a first pass when I sent a questionnaire […]

Done For You Packages

I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you right now… You need to do something about your website. Because as an author, your website is your make-or-break, must-have tool for growing your audience, gaining credibility, getting known for your work, and leveraging your expertise to make multiple streams […]

Lori Tsugawa Whaley

Lori Tsugawa Whaley Interview Tamara: What inspired you to write The Courage of a Samurai?  Lori: Being a Baby Boomer of Japanese ancestry (third generation Japanese American), I faced bullying, prejudice, teasing…even being blamed for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I didn’t want to be who I was, but turned […]

Dr. Stephanie O’Leary

It’s TODAY! I am overjoyed to announce the launch of Dr. Stephanie O’Leary’s book, Parenting in the Real World. I will try not to gush too much but… Stephanie is a recent graduate of The Author-to-Income Formula training and to her credit…she devoured the information, sprung into action, and is […]

Frances Downing Hunter

A little over a week ago, I received an urgent request from Rose Phillips. She signed up for my Book Launch Done-for-You program and asked if there was anything we could do to expedite the process. She explained that her dearest friend, Frances Downing Hunter (pictured here), had a dream […]

Webinar Sales Success Revenue Calculator

Here’s my Go-To-Tool! Webinar Sales Success Revenue Calculator You’ve likely heard me say that one of the fastest ways to generate income and build your business — as an Author, Expert or Entrepreneur — is to offer your audience free webinars. However, it’s often a struggle to figure out exactly […]

Interview With Ronald Nutter

The Hackers Are Coming Ronald Nutter 1) What inspired you to write the book?     Several people that I know have had one or more of their accounts compromised last year.  One of them had to shut his business down for several weeks to cleanup the mess that resulted. One […]

Interview With Debra Stangl

The Journey to Happy – How Embracing the Concept That “Nothing Is Wrong” Can Transform Your Life Debra Stangl, Founder of Sedona Soul Adventures 1) What inspired you to write the book? I got a second chance in my life and I want others to know that it’s possible to […]

Pop Quiz A or B?


Okay… multiple choice. Which would you rather be?  A) A #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon for a day. Or… B) A #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon who makes big cash infusions and multiple streams of reliable income from your bestselling books… now and for years to come? Uh huh. I […]